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About Us

Web Design R is a full-service Web Development Agency offering an extensive range of Online web services for any size company or organisation. We specialise in web development, online stores, branding, online marketing, graphic design, web design, custom web development, brand activation.

Web Design R’s industry-leading digital solutions managed by our experienced team is at the forefront of pioneering results-driven Internet business solutions and technologies.

We are here to assist in all your required digital marketing and print services, we focus on designing creative eye catching websites that trigger actions from potential clients.

It’s imperative that a website completed a few actions one would be your company website being found online, this is accomplished with SEO keyword triggering and Google ads keyword searches trigger paid ads otherwise knows as PPC advertising.

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1 Page Website




Doesn’t include hosting

Startup Package



Logo Design

Business Card Design

Domain Name .co.za

SSL (https://) Secure Domain

12 Months Hosting (Renew Yearly)

R500.00 per year thereafter

Basic Online Store


Online Store

1-10 Page Website

25 Loaded Products

Full Training Provided

(online store management)

Our Services

Web design

Web design is one of the services that we specialise in, which produces results that speak to our client’s target market. It’s imperative that your website has factors that are implemented into the site to make sure it’s recognised digitally as a professionally created site, their need’s to be a few factors put into place.

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Logo design

We work with clients to create corporate identities that reflect their brand image service or vision.

Establishing a unique logo will create a visual connection between yourself and your client. Creating Something to remember, is imperative to distinguish your identity, quality service, and a unique logo will enhance your brand identity.

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SEO Marketing Strategies

We provide guidance to identify strategies and technologies that will maximise your investment.

SEO is the key to enhancing your websites digital footprint.

Content Management systems

We can help you choose a system that fits your requirements and customise it so it accomplishes your goals.

E-commerce Development

A successful e-commerce website starts with matching requirements to the right technology.

Web Hosting

We can align you with the correct host and provide transition services so you can avoid as much downtime as possible.


Visual, digital online media. Creating a digital memory of your website that will last. Keeping your clients coming back for more.


Responding to devices such as Laptops, Desktops, Smart TV’s, Tablets, Android Devices, IPad’s & Apple Devices.


Hosting services, Dedicated servers, Cloud hosting solutions, Best quality hardware, High speed fiber network, Providing best website speeds.

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