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Our Unique Conception of DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT, CONTENT STRATEGY & COMPELLING COPY WRITING all focused on the integrity of the websites VISUAL ELEMENTS your company and service will be displayed in an uber-eclectic Custom WEBSITE.

Our success is based on the successful growth of our clients businesses, thus creating a vision to be innovative trendy and up to date with all technological breakthroughs.
Internet Technologies change every day. Their is always something new, unique and innovative, we strive to bring our client an uber-eclectic array of services!


Our Services

Web design

Our core service is website design, which produces results that speak to our client’s target market.

Logo design

We work with clients to create corporate identities that reflect their company.

SEO Marketing Strategies

We provide guidance to identify strategies and technologies that will maximise your investment.

Content Management

We can help you choose a system that fits your requirements and customise it so it accomplishes your goals.

E-commerce Development

A successful e-commerce website starts with matching requirements to the right technology.

Web Hosting

We can align you with the correct host and provide transition services so you can avoid as much downtime as possible.

Strategic Design

Great design is more than a pretty picture. It helps guide the eye and compel the visitor to take action.
Web Design R is a full-service Web Development Company offering an extensive range of Online web services from small businesses to large corporations in South Africa. We specialise in web development, online stores, branding, online marketing and more. Web Design R’s industry leading team is at the forefront of pioneering results-driven Internet business solutions and technologies.

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